YQ320A LED Ring Light + 10 Meter Remote – 30 CM – Black


رمز المنتج: Ringlight8010 التصنيف:


Round shaped, diameter 30 cm, three types of lighting, white, yellow and mix. Control the level of lighting with its remote control to change the lighting, reduce and raise the level. There is a place in the middle of the ring for the mobile holder


Item Type: LED Ring Light
Material: Metal + ABS
Model: YQ320a
Remote control
Color Temperature: 3200-5600K
Power: 30 watts.
Input voltage: AC100-240V.
220 LED lights for low consumption.
Color temperature setting: 3200k-5600k (intense white – natural white – warm white).
Adjustable light intensity with the remote control.
Swivel base for lighting unit.
It has an adjustable base for mobile.
Diameter 30 cm.
Adjustable luminance inclination of up to 180 degrees.
Remote Control up to 10 metres



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