Proda 10000mAh Power Bank – Black


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Attractive and stylish design with 2 USB high power outputs the Remax Proda 10000mAh Two USB External Power Bank allows to charge 2 devices at the same time – saving the trouble of carrying several small capacity ones. Makes your digital life easier!


Super capacity of 10000mAh.
Double USB interface, can charge 2 mobile devices at the same time.
Intelligent LCD display.
Good compatibility
Compatible for Smart Phone/PAD/MP3/PC/Digital Camera/IPOD/PSP.
Intelligent dormancy, After not working for 60 seconds
Automatically enter a dormant state, minimize power consumption.
Intelligent fast charging,to charge iPhone fully just 2 hours.
Intelligent protection to prevent overcharging
Overvoltage, overcurrent, over power, overheating and short circuit


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